Happy New Year!

happy new year from the 8-bit cityresolutions

New year, new projects, new goals. My focus for 2016 is going to be on interactive fiction (see here). I'm taking a break from longer fiction - I'm burnt out and uninspired when it comes to novels - and focusing on making Twine games. I want to practice writing shorter stories, slip back into the world of interactive fiction, and practice working with html and css.

New year, new perspective. As you'll note, the clubhouse is no longer active. I do want to take on some more collaborative projects, but I got a little hyperfocused on one partnership, so I'm taking some time to work as an individual. Which should be interesting - I've always thought I do better in a pair- but I've been really proud of my solo projects, like my songs, and this site!

New year, old friends. Thanks is in order. To all my remarkable, hilarious, compassionate friends, thank you. Whether we talk every day, or every few months, know that I am so grateful for your love, your company...even your lame jokes. You know who you are.

January 1, 2016

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