Spring is on the way!

flowers spring into life

Life just got a whole lot busier.

Hello and good day, everyone! March is here and that means two things are just around the corner: spring, and my birthday!

The semester is halfway over, and I just started a new job, so life is hectic. I am busy-crazy (which is better than idle-crazy, believe me) and might be losing my mind a little, but for the most part - surprisingly - I'm handling things well.

I usually handle change poorly. Change - even good change - makes me anxious. Restless pacing, shallow breathing, talking-to-myself kind of anxious. I still get that way. But I've gotten better at acknowledging, experiencing, and moving beyone those feelings, rather than getting stuck in a negative downward spiral.

There are times I still get lost in my mind, but I've got it down to a couple hours, a couple days at the most. It used to be weeks. It used to be months.

Warmth is starting to return to my town. The ever-elusive sun is checking in on us a little more often, and my winter coats are back in the closet. Already I feel myself anticipating summer. For now, I'll put my restless energy to use doing a little spring cleaning.

March 1, 2016

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