behind-the-scenes at chez christophe

the delicious secrets behind their halloween special, chocolate eyeballs

I was lucky enough to spend Friday morning in the kitchen at Chez Christophe with Laure, the head chocolatier, learning how she makes these scrumptious and creepifying chocolate eyes.

I've just got to say - the staff at Chez Christophe were lovely to me. When I came in, they offered me a hot chocolate, and guys, there is nothing like a hot chocolate made with actual ground chocolate. Delicious. Laure had put together a take-away bag for me with a pair of eyeballs, an adorable ghost, and some other treats, and then let me pick a few more chocolates. And I even snagged myself a brown bag for lunch - vanilla brioche with sugar on top. hOLy mOLY it was delicious.

5 Things No One Told The Intern
(That She Wished She Had Known)

When you're working in a magazine office, everyone is too busy working to tell you

Scan the keycard

The key lets you into the washroom. That little piece of plastic? That's what lets you back into the office. Definitely don't put the key in the office door. You wouldn't, because you know there's a separate key for the men's room and that wouldn't make sense. And there would be no point in trying anyway.

Just scan the [bleeping] keycard.

The intern survival guide is full of lies

"The managing editor's name will be on the folder." "

things i have noticed

There's always something going on: it's someone's birthday so there's cake; there's a silent auction to get rid of product samples that have been sent to the magazine; so-and-so is getting married, come toast her with a glass of champagne!

I'm not particularly social. I'm certainly not one to jump in and toast someone I met last week with a glass of champagne (even if we ignore the fact that I have to get back on the highway in an hour and drive home).

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