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"the song the muppets made famous"

Track Name: "Mah Nà Mah Nà"

Artist: Piero Umiliani

aug 26, 2016

"i am a bird girl now"

Track Name: "Bird Gerhl"

Artist: Antony and the Johnsons

Album: I Am A Bird Now

aug 21, 2016

"take a breath, my heart, and hold your tongue"

Track Name: "Pretty Little Head"

Artist: Eliza Rickman (x)

Album: Oh, You Sinners (x)

aug 15, 2016

"live from 1991 at paris' palais des congrès"

Track Name: "New York New York"

Artist: Liza Minnelli

Music: John Kander ● Lyrics: Fred Ebb

aug 07, 2016

"soft piano music for your nighttime needs"

Track Name: "Night Time Tinker"

Artist: dodie (x)

aug 05, 2016

"michael mashup on midifighter"

Track Name: "Michael Jackson Mashup"

Artist: Leslie Wai (x)

aug 02, 2016

"and that's the gameboy truth"

Track Name: "Zero To Hero"

Artist: Hercules Gameboy version, original by Alan Menken

july 31, 2016

"ni lent ni douloureux"

Track Name: "Gymnopedie No.1"

Album: "Hooked Up Classics" (x)

Artist: Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra (x), original by Erik Satie

july 5, 2016

"a cobalt thief steals away into the night"

Track Name: "Cobalt Thief" (x)

Album: "coloUrs and mayhem: Universe A" (x)

Artist: Ray McDougall

july 4, 2016

"it's 4am at the cloud club..."

Track Name: "Creep"

Album: "Pablo Honey"

Artist: Amanda Palmer (x), original by Radiohead

may 17, 2016

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